Pet Bottles and Specialty Water

Pet Bottles and Specialty Water

As any dog lover knows, providing water for our pups while on the go can be a challenge!

  • You hauled the water jugs, carried the bowls; gave water from your own bottles; and used your hands as the dish.
  • You tried every plastic, portable dog bottle out on the market, but they broke easily or were too large and bulky to carry.
  • You needed a portable dog water bottle and bowl that was easy to use, easy to carry, durable, and stylish too.
  • Whalah we have the answer for you H2O 4 K9 BPA Free Water Bottle and cup combo!

Made of 100% BPA Free Polypropylene. Food grade stainless steel and food grade silicone.

Simplicity | Portability | Durability | Quality | Style

See this bottle in action

Often dog owners have the need to bring water for their pets when at the park or on the road. Many times they end up buying and/or bringing a water bottle with them. Sometimes they pour water into a bowl. And what if you don’t have a bowl with you? Often pet owners will pour or squeeze water directly from the bottle into their pet’s mouth, hoping to hydrate their pets that way. But this unrestricted water flow often causes the dog to sneeze or cough, because the water enters the windpipe through which they breathe. This is not comfortable or desired for your pet! And often much of the water ends up on the ground.

Pet hydration is a critical issue for many pet owners. Today’s active lifestyles, combined with increasing travel, increased pet recreation activities such as agility competitions, dog shows, dog dock diving, and of course hunting, running–even working animals such as rescue dogs and K9 Police dogs–make pet hydration a major concern for the pet owner. And often it is inconvenient to bring a water bowl or other pet watering device. One particular product, the H2O for K9 is Drinking bottle for Pets, turns most standard water bottles into “dog water bottle with bowl”.