Join Our Pre-Pay Water Club

There’s no contract and it never expires. It’s so easy. You choose which water or waters you drink and how many gallons you want to Pre-Pay for. You save according to how many gallons you choose.

50 gallons saves 10%
100 gallons saves 15%
250 gallons saves 20%

The Water Club is not mandatory. You can also pay as you go at regular pricing.

Quick Guide on How to Get Yor Pre-Pay Club Credits

It’s Here!!!

Our membership is designed to save you time and money. There’s no contracts or renewal fees and you can ad gallons at anytime. Simply choose the type of water and amount of gallons you’d like to Pre-Pay for and utilize the credits as you go. Your club never expires and when you deplete your credits, you can easily renew. You’ll log into your account via the touch screen monitor using your phone number as a password. You’ll easily be able to keep track of how many gallons you use on the spot. We also have an easy Email Receipt feature that allows you to keep track of your balance at home or on your phone. You’re not limited to one water club. You can purchase multiple water clubs and use the same account to access all your water clubs. You can also have multiple users assigned to one account making it easy for any member of your family to pick up your water supply.

So welcome to The Water Plant Pre-Pay Water Club, we look forward to seeing you soon!