Why you should choose

Why You Should Choose The Water Plant

The Water Plant is a one stop water source store offering a selection of premium waters including Alkalized water. Our brand NEW State-of-the-art water filtration system provides extremely hydrating, great tasting, healthy water that offers more benefits the regular tap water. The window vending machines offers both Reverse Osmosis Purified and Alkalized water allowing customers to stock up on their premium water day or night. Join our water club or ice club pre-pay memberships and SAVE money. Membership touch-screen access is easy to use. You just log in with your phone number and your account will show you how many credits you have left. We accept credit, debit or cash.

UV Sanitized Cleansing Station

We have a top-of-the-line UV Sanitized cleansing station for keeping your water bottles and jugs sterilized. Our equipment is up to code and kept extremely clean. Our specialty water filters are changed frequently and our waters are tested every 6 months by the State of California. You never need to have concerns about the quality of your drinking water at The Water Plant.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to proving our community with better drinking water for their family, businesses and even their pets. Drinking better water enhances people’s lives by helping them to maintain optimal health while living longer, fuller, more productive lives. Our goal is to educate and bring awareness to everyone on how important and essential these extremely hydrating waters are for good health. In addition, the many conveniences we provide will further ease the ability for our customers to integrate these premium waters into their daily lives. It is our mission to provide the opportunity for people to better their lives simply by changing their drinking water and we are dedicated to helping build a stronger and healthier community.