by Jocelyn Elizabeth
Member of a group I’m in took her kids to the local water sanitation plant. On the tour, she snapped this picture of the fluoride about to be added to the water. Do you see the skull and number 6? This means fluoride is a class 6 toxin which must be regulated and there are special rules on how to ship it because accidental exposure can lead to death. Some examples of class 6 toxins are: arsenic, chloroform, and snake venom. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any of these in my drinking water. Even trace amounts.Makes you think about  in a whole new way doesn’t it? Say no at the dentist and fluoride free toothpaste!!!! Can hop on and find literature on fluoride as a neurotoxin….crosses the blood brain barrier. Lovely how this is put in our tap water huh?