Hydrogen is Essential to Life

Hydrogen exists in many forms like water or organic matter. It is one of the most indispensable elements in all of existence. If we go by the weight proportion in the human body, hydrogen is the third heaviest element (10%) after oxygen (65%) and carbon (18%) despite being the smallest and lightest of all elements. Moreover, the various compounds that make up the human body all contain hydrogen, which is another reason why it’s called the mother of all elements.

Antioxidants: The Keys to Reversing Deterioration

Hydrogen easily bonds easily with oxygen to form water. IZUMIO uses hydrogenated water to bond with the over saturated active oxygen species in our bodies to prevent the development of cells harmed by free radicals. Combining the dissolved hydrogen within the water with the extra oxygen in our bodies can help form more water and keep hydration levels at a peak for longer sustained periods of time. This process is often referred to as “reduction” or the process in which oxygen is reduced or removed.