Drink Water Save Money

Jion our drinking water club and save money.
Touch-Screen Customer log-In access for your convenience and simplicity. Choose from 5 different waters and save up to 20% on your water. If you like having fresh health water to drink and want to save on your drinking water cost, join our our drinking water club. You choose on the water you want how many gallons. You will get a log-in password (it’s your phone number) and log-in using the touch-screen. You will see how many gallons you have purchased and you can then minus the amount you need right from your account. You then can print a receipt showing how many gallons you took and how many are left. You can even print a report of your account activity and ad others to your account.

It’s great if you are running errands and don’t have a lot of time to spare. No contract, you can ad more gallons and more waters anytime online.

20-50 Gallons save 10%
100 Gallons save 15%
250 Gallons save 20%